Motive: An Alex Delaware Novel - Jonathan Kellerman

I've been reading Kellerman for over 20 years now.  I look forward to his books every year. It's like Christmas in February.


I enjoyed this one.  Kellerman fell flat for a couple of books in the last few years, but this one was solidly back on track. Great plot; although it's easy to pick out the who in Kellerman's books, it's always the why that keeps me reading, and this one was no exception. I also liked that it flowed well and was well-focused; right from the first page, it got right into the plot. No easing into it, and the pace didn't let up until the end. I've noticed in several books that it gets bogged down in the middle (usually with Alex massaging his OCD) but there was little (if any) of that in this book.


A solid read to curl up with on a winter weekend.