The caveman - Jorn Lier Horst

Jørn Lier Horst should write a book on how to write a great mystery series. He gets it right in so many ways; straightforward writing, emphasis on investigating the crime, not on-going character relationships. Riveting plots, likeable characters, beautiful scenery and thrilling conclusions.  Secondary characters aren't developed much, which means you don't have to sit through a rehash of each character's history in each book. . On the other hand, the lack of development sometimes leads to plot points that are dropped with no explanation. 

Like the FBI analyst. Where'd he go? Did he get sent home after it was revealed he slept with Line? Was he still hanging around somewhere?Was he given a burn notice and abandoned in Lapland? What?

(show spoiler)

In this book, Wisting and his daughter, Line, are working seemingly unrelated cases, Wisting on a body that's turned up at a tree farm and Line on the death of a recluse.  I love how they go about investigating in the same way; they make a great team, even when they're not working together.  I liked that there were no shortage of suspects to keep me guessing until the end, and a few red herrings in just the right places to throw me off the track.


The only criticism I have is that the ending seemed abrupt, like sledding down a hill and running into a tree.  There was a recap at the end, but there was little to no transition and it didn't flow very well.


Overall, another great book in a phenomenal series and in a cold, snowy February, a great story to curl up with on the couch with a blanket.