The Murder in Skoghall: A 28.5press Illustrated Novel (The Skoghall Mystery Series) (Volume 1) - Alida Winternheimer

A great first in a new series, I really enjoyed it. Interesting hair raising plot, fast paced and very suspenseful, it kept me up late reading it because I just couldn't put it down. This would be a great Halloween read.


Set in a small Midwestern town, the main character, Jess, was likeable - cute, feisty, funny and a little dreamy. She definitely had rose-colored glasses on when she imagined what it's like to live in a small town and she spends entirely too much time biting her lip. By the end of the book, I was picturing her with a bloody stump where her mouth used to be.


IMHO, Beckett sounds all well and good but I can see him friend zoned as soon as someone sexy comes to town. Poor Beckett.


Overall, a fun, enjoyable read and I look forward to reading the next in the series.


The ending was a little anti-climactic for me - Jess spends the entire time being commanded to FIND HIM - which apparently meant the dog tags? And this apparently appeased the ghost, because the house is no longer haunted?  I didn't get that part.  But still a great book.

(show spoiler)