Dressed To Kill (A Tourist Trap Mystery Book 4) - Lynn Cahoon

I was given an ARC by the publisher, Kensington Books, in return for an honest review


The fourth book in the Tourist Trap mystery series, Dressed To Kill finds bookstore owner and part time sleuth Jill helping her police detective boyfriend Greg track down who killed a prominent banker and why. Along the way, Jill has to deal with Greg's rancorous ex-wife, Sherry trying to worm her way under her skin at every turn.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable mystery full of red herrings, plot twists and, of course, hunky cops. I admit that I didn't know who did it, even as it was being revealed. 

It's always fun to visit South Cove and its quirky citizens, from the eccentric Esmeralda to the crotchety Lille. The characters are all likeable, and the dialogue is realistic and draws you into both the story and the town.  I could definitely see myself at CBM curled up with a mystery and a slice of cheesecake. (Why don't more bookstores serve cheesecake?)

Overall, Dressed To Kill is a fun and enjoyable book that deftly combines mystery, suspense, a little romance, and cheesecake.