Deeds of Darkness (Home Front Detective series Book 4) - Edward Marston

I love this series.  Set in London in WW I, this installment follows Inspector Marmion and Sergeant Keedy as they solve the murders of 2 women, one in a cinema and one in a park.  


There was a lot going on in this one;  Marmion's son in France for the Battle of Somme, his wife battling an embittered neighbor, and the romance between Keedy and Marmion's daugther, there was a lot happening. Still, it didn't get too bogged down and moved pretty well. I think this is more of a bridge book (one that is less than spectacular but introduces story lines that will be built in the next books) but it was still damn good.   I liked that there wasn't a lot of Alice in this one, she's really a whinging bore, even in this book, but there's mercifully not much of it.  I liked that there was more of Keedy, rounding him out as more than just a flat character for Marmion to bounce theories off of while driving from place to place.


The only real criticism I have is that the ending was too rushed.  Here's this great big long book that you spend hours reading and the killer is apprehended in a page and a half at the very end of the book. And not only that, the detectives didn't actually solve the murders.  No, a character was brought in at the very end that named who it was. Not altogether unsatisfying, but it was anticlimactic.

Overall, not a bad read, but would've been 5 stars if the ending wasn't so abrupt.