Buried in a Bog - Sheila Connolly

I'm sorry I took so long to start this book, I really enjoyed it.  I can see how some people might be put off by Maura, but I found it easy to relate to her.  Who hasn't been at a point in their life where everything changes and you're anxious and confused at what to do? Her actions and thoughts were realistic and, although she's not the most optimistic person in the world, she's not negative and angry. 


Beautiful setting (who doesn't like Ireland?) and the other characters were charming (well, most of them) and I look forward to seeing them grow as time goes on.


This book was mostly just plain fiction, with a hint of mystery thrown in.  Which was fine.  The pace kept it moving along and the ending, while unsurprising, was satisfying.


Overall, a cute book, and I look forward to the next.