Trouble at Snake and Clearwater - Minnie Crockwell

I love this series. They're the ADD equivalent of a cozy: short, sweet and to the point. Being an impatient ADD'er myself, I appreciate this.  I can rattle off 10 books I've read in the last year that would be greatly improved by this formula.


Anyway, the series follows Minnie as she travels in her RV, investigating a murder at each new stop (it's a cozy series, you have to allow for that or else you'd never get through one) with the help of her 18th century ghost friend Ben. 

The plots are are pretty basic, and there isn't much character development, but with the stories so short, I don't see it as detrimental. You're only given enough details follow along with the story.  Even so, the plot is imaginative and the setting is always gorgeous. Without all the extra information and character development clogging things up, the story moves along quickly. And that's what I love: a book I can read in one sitting that is fun, quirky and enjoyable.