Watched Murder She Baked: The Chocolate Chip Cookie mystery, based on the Joanne Fluke books and these are my thoughts (put behind a spoiler tag, although it's not really spoilers.  Just long.):



The girl playing Hannah - who I know from Days Of Our Lives and The Biggest Loser - might be really good as Hannah, but I've always disliked her. Trying really hard to give it a chance


The mother, Dolores, just really doesn't work for me.  Probably the right age range, but her dress and demeanor make her seem younger. She's way too excited about Norman.  Cougar?


Norman is suitably bland, but isn't he kinda short in the books? The movie version is really tall.  Either that or all the other actors are midgets.


Mike is also a bit bland. Isn't he supposed to be a major hunk in the book? Also, he's not blond in the movie. Still, nice chiseled jaw.


The girl playing Andrea is spot on, I have to say.


Movie Hannah doesn't live in an apartment, she has a big giant house with a huge kitchen.  But Moishe is adorable.


Movie Hannah gets up well after sunrise and goes for a nice long run before wandering to The Cookie Jar to bake.


She also has an iPhone. That she uses. To take digital pictures. Of clues.


Funeral scene: Hannah is wearing a black dress.  That's above the knee.  And lipstick.  And heels. And a lot of black eyeliner.


The dialogue is sappier than the books. I didn't think that was possible. "I don't believe the person chooses the cookie, I believe the cookie chooses the person."  The Tao of Baking?


30 minutes in and Norman is already friend zoned.  I've always felt sorry for him.


OMG she's putting on makeup and heels and wearing a dress that doesn't look like it came from the 1950s!


Ahh. Andrea and Hannah are sneaking around a dairy.  In cocktail dresses and high heels. Late on a Saturday night.


On second thought, I just realized Hannah is a complete bitch for stringing Norman along for 16 books when he never had a chance and she didn't have the balls to tell him so.


(show spoiler)



Bottom line: Just what you'd expect from a Hallmark Channel movie.