The Ghost of Marlow House - Bobbi Ann Johnson Holmes, Anna J. McIntyre, Elizabeth Mackey

The actual title of the book is The Ghost Of Marlow House, which is Book 1 of the Haunting Danielle series. I don't know why the name of the series gets the biggest font on the cover, unless the author wants to discourage people from reviewing it, since it was a little difficult to find at first.


Just an okay book.  I liked the plot (actually 2 plots, solving the death of The Ghost Of Marlow House and solving the lost necklace mystery.) Both were great, lots of twists and turns and although somewhat predictable, it was at least entertaining.


My issue is with the characters and the dialogue.  The MC's friend, Lily, is annoying to a fault. Babbles on endlessly, until I finally started skipping pages whenever she was in a scene.  Ditto the dialogue, which bordered on inanity.  Pared down, it might be more enjoyable.

Overall, worth a read but nothing spectacular.  Probably won't bother with future books, though.