An Early Wake - Sheila Connolly

An Early Wake is the third installment of the County Cork mystery series. Although enjoyable, there were aspects I didn't care for and I was a little disappointed.


There wasn't much of a plot with this one.  College kid comes to town wanting to know about local music. Suddenly, a concert happens. Someone dies.  Someone is eventually apprehended, although we're just given theories about the murder and motive.


As with the other books in the series, Maura worries.  A lot.  This hasn't bothered me in the previous books, but this one, it was a little much. She spends most of the book worrying about whether she should offer live music at Sullivans.  Really? Let me get this straight: you're making money hand over fist because a few musicians showed up and you're agonizing over whether it's a good idea? WTF?


Also, deducted half a star because there's a god damn love triangle birthed at the end of the book.  *face palm sponsored by Judge Judy


Overall, not the best in the series but not terrible.  I look forward to the next in the series.