I've been on Twitter for around a year and a half and have amassed a whopping 65 followers (I've never been very much of a networker.)


I was culling the herd the other day and realized that only about 10 or so of the people I follow were actual people and not just musicians/authors/comedians trying to sell their wares.


So, out of the 65 people who have followed me on Twitter, about 55 of them are roboaccounts (no, I didn't follow all of them back).  Out of those 50, about 20 are robo-accounts set up by authors to follow people who use particular keywords (Book nerd is one). 


My point is, if you're an author,. and you can't even be bothered to post original content on your Twitter feed and instead just repost links and so on, why should I think your books are going to be interesting?  Like, if you can't take a minute out of your busy day once in awhile to post something that isn't click bait, then I'm going to assume your books are half-assed too.


Yes, I understand the fundamentals of marketing.  But I have several authors I follow on Twitter who have very entertaining and engaging accounts without being full of 100 daily clickbait links.  And you know what? Their books are all pretty good.


If that makes me a book snob, well, then...