The Ghost Fields - Elly Griffiths

Deducted half a star because there wasn't a lot of Cathbad.  *sigh*  I love Cathbad.  #CharacterCrush


So the plot in this book, the 7th in the Ruth Galloway series, was very Shakespearean. Fathers, sons, brothers, a dash of crazy, a scant teaspoon of biblical floods, a dollop of romance and a pinch of marital infidelity.  All that was missing was the where-fore-art-thou's.   A WWII plane is uncovered in a field with skeletal remains inside, which leads Ruth, Nelson and the team to an eccentric area family with skeletons in the closet.  Well, one less skeleton, as it was in the field.


Of course, I love getting back to King's Lynn and catching up with the gang.  I love the characters in this series, and the location is a character in itself. An interesting plot woven around a lot of action, just the right pacing to keep it interesting without getting bogged down.


What I didn't like was that the plot took a backseat to all the soap opera-y things going on.  Ruth has steadily degenerated from a strong, independent woman to one that simpers after the man she can't have and agonizing about the one that she can. The storyline with Judy going into labor at the house was a little much.  Also didn't care for the whole infidelity storyline.  It didn't add to the story and I guess it was only there to set the stage for a future plot.  There also wasn't a lot of forensic-y things for Ruth to do.  And I pity her poor students, who probably never get their tests back in a reasonable amount of time.


Overall, the minuses are just nit-picky things that bothered me but didn't take away from my enjoyment of the book.  It was still an enjoyable read in one of my favorite series and, of course, leaves me pining for the next.