A Pinch of Sea Salt and a Dash of Murder (Outer Banks Baker Mystery Series Book 1) - Phoebe T. Eggli

The author apparently has little knowledge of police work (and didn't bother to research it.) That much is obvious because the police don't "take people into custody" for reporting a dead body. There's a little something called "reasonable cause" that means, unless the police catch you in the act of killing someone, they have to at least determine that the death was, in fact, a homicide, and that there's a reasonable assumption that you've done it. Therefore, calling 911 to report a dead body might get you escorted to the police department to give a statement but that is not the same thing as being taken into custody. Second, no news reporter who wanted to keep their job would report that you  were taken into custody when you weren't, and also wouldn't report that the whole town thinks you did it.

I'm not even a cop and I know these things. FFS, do some bloody research before you write.

The dialogue was wooden and relied on entirely irrelevant descriptions of things. Couldn't just say they were going to go watch TV, no, it had to be explained that it was a 32 inch television bought within the last year or some such. What?

I made it through about a quarter of the book and gave up. It wasn't going to get any better. DNF