Sweet Secrets (A Sweet Cove Mystery Book 3) - J.A. Whiting

I enjoyed this, but I have mixed feelings about it.  No murder victim in this one,  it was just the sisters unraveling their family history and why Angie inherited the house.  Which made for good reading, I really enjoyed it. 


On the other hand, it was improbably far-fetched in a lot of ways, especially the ending. Lots of eye rolling moments for me. When the sisters are apprehending the bad guys, during which time one of said bad guys was waving around handcuffs, one sister binds his hands using...no, not the handcuffs, she uses her belt.


And seriously - they're not suing the town? At the very least to get some of the land back? WTF? Why even bother solving the mystery then?

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Just 3 1/2 stars for this one.  Wasn't as good as the last book, but it was a good read.