Killer Run (A Tourist Trap Mystery Book 5) - Lynn Cahoon

Loving it so far, but I gotta ask...Jill and Greg have been going out for over a year and they're not living together yet?  I'm all for taking it slow, but they've gone glacial.


Also, the whole Feelings option of posting - they need to add some that corresponds to what BookLikes'ers feelings are.  Need an emoticon for when you get that book from the library that has been on reserve forever, one for DNF fits, one for that face you make when you open a new book and the new book smell hits you.  I'm not sure what Misdoubt would be used for? I'm not even sure what it means to misdoubt.  Most importantly, I'm not even sure misdoubt is a real word. 


Hmmm. I think it's probably time for bed