A Fatal Chapter - Lorna Barrett

The latest in the Booktown series has Tricia helping out her sister at the Stoneham Chamber of Commerce while she waits for the insurance check to come through so she can begin to rebuild Haven't Got A Clue, her mystery bookstore.  After finding a friend dying in a park, Tricia sleuths her way through the small town to find the killer.


Along the way, Tricia and Angelica hunt for the person who has been stripping all the hanging baskets in town of all their flowers.


Enjoyable book, had a nice, easy pace and a great plot. I figured both plots out fairly early on, but the end was explosive and shocking.  A lot of loose ends were tied up in this book, not all of them happily.  


I was left with the feeling this could be the end of this series and I really hope not. I'd be pretty unhappy if this is how things are left.