The Appleton Case (A Markham Sisters Cozy Mystery Novella Book 1) - Diana Xarissa

Very cute short story and a great first in a new series.


Written by the author of the "Aunt Bessie" cozy series, The Appleton Murders follows 2 elderly sisters first mentioned in one of the Aunt Bessie books.  The sisters, Joan and Janet, decide to buy a B&B in a nearby town. There was no murder in this book, and I confess that I wondered just what the mystery was (which was very effective in keeping me turning pages!) but I quite liked that the mystery was quite different than anything I've ever read, very refreshing and enjoyable.


This would've been a 5 star read, but I spent too much of the book trying to figure out which sister was which.  Their names are so similar, and there wasn't much to differentiate who was speaking.  Other than that, a cracking good read and I look forward to the next.