Sweet Deceit (A Sweet Cove Mystery Book 4) - J.A. Whiting

Angie and her sisters (and Mr. Finch, who I keep seeing as Finch on Person Of Interest, I can't help it) are out solving mysteries again, with the help of cats Euclid and Circe.  This time, the gang works to find out who planted a bomb in a vacant house and also who killed the guy who lived next door to the potential bomb crater.


A really good plot in this one, but again with an abrupt ending.  The mysteries aren't so much solved as stumbled on. Which, pardon my crass metaphor, is kind of like spending all night making out with a guy and he finishes within 30 seconds. Yeah, it got the job done, but it could've been better if it was drawn out a little.


But anyway, I digress.


I also don't really understand the teasing the sisters do when one of them gets a boyfriend.  What, are you 8th graders?


Enjoyable book and a series I've come to enjoy, but not without a few eye-rolling moments.