How much do reviews influence the books you choose? 


For me, I check every book I'm interested in on GR, BL and Amazon to see what other people are saying.  This works out sometimes but not 100%.  There was one book I read last year, can't remember which, that looked really interesting and had a lot of 5 star reviews.  Once I started reading it, I hated it.


  On the other hand, I just read a review on a free Kindle book that pointed out several things in the book that would've annoyed the hell out of me as well, and that was the dealbreaker.  Yeah, it was a free book but if I start a book that turns out to be colossally stupid, I get offended.  Like, I Will Burn Your House Down offended.  So if a review can save me the trouble of burning down an author's house, I appreciate it.


(no Sims were harmed in the making of this post)



So, how much are you influenced by reviews?


EDIT: Just saw this on an Amazon review and this made me LOL, so I'm going to get the book:

By Doc on May 24, 2015

Ms. Leigh who is probably best know at this point for her herbalist mysteries has a new series. The protagonist in this one is a bit ADHD as well as OCD which when if comes down to it kind of describes Jessica Fletcher.