Witching On A Star (Wicked Witches of the Midwest) - Amanda M. Lee

This is the 4th book in the Wicked Witches of the Midwest series, and overall the best book in the series, but still not without a few things that detracted from the story.


The plot in this one was riveting; Bay sees the ghost of a little girl who wants to find her mother.  The last thing the little girl ghost can remember is being on a boat with other kids, and then going to sleep.While investigating, Bay learns of a terrifying new crime and races to solve it before there are more deaths.  Meanwhile, she has her hands full while overseeing the building of a new greenhouse for Aunt Tillie, dodging the consultant hired to expand The Whistler, and learning how to trust her relationship with hunky FBI agent Landon. 


Aunt Tillie had a lot of endearing moments, it was nice to see the relationship growing between her and Bay into one a bit more supportive. although still testy.  The romance was a nice touch, too.  That'll be cute if it goes forward.


A great read, and hard to put down.  But still, getting tired of the inane childish behavior, especially Thistle, who needs a boot up her ass.  Nice that they're starting to be called out on it, though. Maybe this means they'll grow up a bit? Here's hoping.


Also, not sure what the point of Edith's rant was.  It didn't add to the story and it really annoyed me.  A little too heavy handed, as was all the talk about sex.  I'm sure there's a better way of writing than to have one character exclaim about all the orgasms that Landon gives Bay.  Really?  Goes back to the childish, inane behavior I pointed out earlier.  If it's supposed to be funny, it went over my head.


So, overall,  3.5 stars but would've easily been 5 stars if not for the childish BS. 



 Major plot hole: The little girl ghost tells Bay (and Landon, by extension) that she's been aboard the new boat and heard that it's leaving in 2 days.  They don't bother to ask her where the new boat is, because why wrap the whole mystery up only halfway through the book?

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