I posted this on Twitter awhile back and whenever I'm entering books in Calber I have the same question:


Why do some authors feel it's important to add A Novel after the title.  "The book I wrote: A novel"   No shit, sherlock. I didn't think it was a tasty German Chocolate Cake.


Mmmmm cake.


But that's another post.


I format my Calibre books to only show the title and I hate having to go in and remove that useless bit that gets slapped on there.  It does nothing.  I can understand putting the name on the series in there (say, "The Ghost and Mrs. Mewer (A Paws and Claws Mystery Book 2)" for example.  That's helpful, especially if the author has more than one series.)  But adding "A Novel" to the end of your book's title is like saying, "Durr, in case you haven't noticed, this is a book, not a tasty plate of nachos."


Mmmm Nachos.


But that's another post.


Can we just agree that we know it's a book when we see it, and adding "A Novel" is a redundancy that borders on idiotic?  Thank you.