Something to Witch About - Amanda M. Lee

This is the 5th book in the series that I've read in about a week so let me just say: it was good, I liked the poltergeist plot, although it only showed up at opportune moments when the Winchesters weren't acting like immature children.


What really disappointed me was this was a pivotal point when more dimension could've been added to the characters, particularly Landon, and it failed to do so.  Very little has been revealed about Landon's past, other than introducing his family.  The end was a little implausible as well.  I fail to see why it's so important to keep their witchy-ness a secret when everyone in a 3 state radius already knows.  It's grating on my last nerve, along with the constant lying about trivial things that Bay, Clove and Thistle can't seem to get past. 


Overall, still enjoyable but not without a few a few detractors.