Birdman - Mo Hayder

I thought I'd take a break from cozy mysteries and read a real mystery for a change.  This one was recommended by a friend, with the caveat that it was gory.  And there were moments when it was a little bloody, but after reading Stuart MacBride, I 'd have to say it was lite gory.  Like, PG-13 gory, not R gory.


DI Jack Caffrey is called out to an industrial field where a woman is found brutally murdered.  Soon, more bodies are found and Jack finds himself caught up in the search for a sexual serial killer that he must stop before it's too late.


I enjoyed the book, it was more than your stereotypical police procedural.  Steady pacing kept the plot going through the book with no dragging in the middle when the action thins out.  I liked that the mindset of the killer was explored in a little more detail through inner dialogue and memories, giving the character more dimension.


I have to say, the little "cliffhangers" throughout the story kind of annoyed me.  From the 5 objects they pulled out during the autopsies that wasn't revealed until a chapter or 2 later to Jack's leaps of intuition that launched him into action that isn't detailed to the reader until after, it's just a messy way of writing.  It doesn't add intrigue or suspense, it just pisses me off.  


Overall, an enjoyable first in a series, and a creepy, unsettling read. This would make a great Halloween read.