Witch Me Luck - Amanda M. Lee

You know that feeling you get when you start a book and you know you're going to be disappointed, so you should just close the book and forget about it?

I really have to start paying attention to that feeling.  I guess I was distracted by believing it was going to get better.  It didn't.

Words cannot fully express how crappy this book was.  Between the immature bitching, the lame plot, and the incessant stupidity, not even Aunt Tillie could conjure up a spell to save it.   Like when they were trying to sneak up on a prowler in a greenhouse and stood outside having a noisy argument over who's going to go in first. At that point, I was hoping the bad guy would shoot all of them.

Truly, this was abysmal and a real disappointment compared to the other books in this series.