Sewing the Shadows Together - Alison Baillie

Superb book!  Along with a great mystery with plenty of twists and turns, there was a story of love, loss and renewal.  It even had a happy ending.

13 year old Shona is murdered and her shattered family moves to South Africa.  Decades later, brother Tom returns to his home town to scatter his mother's ashes.  He attends a class reunion and reunites with a childhood friend, Rory, and his wife Sarah, who was best friends with his dead sister.


After the reunion, they learn that the man convicted of killing Shona has been exonerated and freed after DNA evidence excludes him as the killer.  But who is the real killer?  And just how well do you think you know your family and friends?


This book was easy to sink into,  with realistic characters and an intricate plot. I thought I knew who-dun-it from the beginning, but was proven wrong again and again.  I thought the character actions (and reactions) were very real, from Sarah's grace in accepting all the changes and even her inner turmoil as her world fell apart.  It as refreshing to see a strong female character portrayed so realistically, but in such a positive light.  


Overall, an amazing book that will stay with me for quite some time, and one I will recommend to others.