The Skeleton in the Closet - Angie Fox

This is book two of the Southern Ghost Hunter series. There were a lot of references to the first book, which I haven't read, but they were summed up nicely, so I didn't feel too far behind.

This was a light, fun read and I enjoyed the characters, especially Verity, who is a quick-thinking, back-talking spitfire who can see ghosts, thanks to the spirit of a gangster that she accidentally grounded by pouring his ashes in her rose garden.  Other than Ellis, the other characters are mostly wallpaper in the background, having already been introduced in book 1, I think. I also like how Verity used Frankie and Jackson to question the other ghosts in the library, I thought it was a novel way to sleuth.


The plot was excellent, between finding the Darla's killer to uncovering all the secrets that were stolen, I couldn't put the book down.  There was a lot of action too, but some of it was a little far-fetched.  I found myself rolling my eyes a few times.  



If  Ellis and Verity got shot and immediately blacked out long enough to be dragged in the house and the house set on fire, how is it they were apparently fine enough to climb down a tree and then drive to confront the suspect?


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Overall, an enjoyable read and I will pick up the next one, if only to see the fallout from the conclusion of this book.


Special thanks to NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.