The Cats that Stalked a Ghost - Karen Golden

Just 2 1/2 stars, mostly because I've really enjoyed this series.  But this one was...scattered. Very disorganized, and I'm not quite sure what the plot was. There wasn't a mystery, really. The MC, Katz, is kidnapped right after her wedding, there's a ghost in the house next door, arsons around town and just a mess overall.  The story didn't so much unfold but was told to you.  It's kind of like when someone tells you about a dream they had, but while interesting, is really just a collection of random thoughts shoehorned into a story. 


Overall, not horrible (God knows I've read worse) but kind of a disappointment.  It felt like the story was thrown together without any planning.  Hopefully the next book in the series has a little more meat to it, otherwise I'll say goodbye to Katz and her cats.