How We Got to Now: Six Innovations That Made the Modern World - Steven Johnson

How We Got To Now takes you through how small discoveries changed the wrold, from sound to cold, to light, you name it.  Someone discovered how something worked, and it took off and changed the world into how it is today.  This was a series I saw on PBS some time ago, so I heard some of it before. 


Pretty good book, but all the nuggets of interesting information got buried in too much rhetoric. Succinct is not a word I would use to describe this book.   The writing style was to introduce, tell anecdote/trivia, then spend another 50 pages rehashing everything in different words. Over and over. I'd get about halfway through a chapter and skip to the next one.  Seriously, if this book was half as long, it would be 5 stars. 


So, interesting but very wordy.  Perhaps watching the whole series on TV would cut the content down a bit.  Yeah, probably.  Go watch the series.  It's probably on PBS.


Also, half a star deducted for talking about Edison in glowing terms with no mention of Tesla. Booo!!  HISS!!!