I just have to pause a moment and remember that day 14 years ago when the world changed.  I was a 911 dispatcher in a small city (<30,000 people) in  Florida.  I worked the 6 pm to 6 am shift, so when I got home at 6 am, I went to bed.  It wasn't until hours later that I turned on the TV and saw what happened.  At first I could not even grasp the enormity of it.  It looked like some Hollywood stunt gone wrong.


Then I thought of my best friend, Rob, who worked next to the WTC and how he was doing.  I sent a few emails  (didn't have texting in those days, at least not like we have now.) and waited for word on if he was safe.  It felt like forever until I heard from him, he was unhurt and ok, just shaken up.  He had come out of the subway just after the first plane hit.  He ducked into the Deutsche Bank building to call his parents when the second plane hit.  Deciding not to wait around, he caught one of the last subways off the island (he lived in Brooklyn). 


Then I went to work and all hell had broken out there.  People were calling 911 to report terrorst trying to break into their homes, people calling 911 because they think they saw terrorists who said they were on their way to Disney World, you get the picture.


To make it even better, a few days after 9/11, there were anthrax filled letters sent to several public figures, causing even more 9/11 calls from panicked people reporting letters with a dusty substance on them.  We had a send the crime scene team (actually, it was only one person) to investigate each and every one.  Which all turned out to be pieces of laundry detergent that had come out of its packaging and got sprinkled all over everyone's mail.  Bad time to mail out free samples, Tide.  But our mail never smelled so fresh.


The Chief decided the command center had to be kept abreast of all that was happening and had a TV put in the call center.  At first we thought, hurray! Something to do! and then it dissolved into months and months of watching planes fly into buildings over and over and over again. 


So there you go,  9/11 through my eyes.