Tails, You Lose - Carol J. Perry

I struggled with how to rate this one, because the plots in this series are completely fresh and unlike any other book I've read.  Just very creative, unique and thrilling. The writing in this book was even better than the first (which was still a pretty good book) and having read the third book in the series, I know that it's improving as time goes on.


Lee takes a volunteer position teaching TV production at the new Tabitha Turnbull School Of Arts.  Just before the school opens for the first time, a contractor disappears in the basement of the school and is later found dead.


There are a few flaws that brought it from a 5 star to 4 1/2.   Same as with the first book, the fine line between hint and spoiler was toed a little too hard and I felt like it gave away too much.  It's not that I object to figuring it all out early in the story;  it's that I object to being told everything so early in the book.  So if I were to offer any constructive criticism, it's to learn the fine art of red herrings and intrigue. Also, a few plot threads were dropped along the way.  Minor? Yes, but it still annoys me.


Also, having read the 3rd book before reading the first 2, I have to say...WTF, Pete and Lee have been dating for almost a year and haven't done anything more than a few kisses? Seriously, Pete, cut bait and run.  You're not getting in her pants.


Overall, an enjoyable read and a series I'll be eagerly awaiting with each new release.


And that NASCAR jacket has to go.