Dead, Without  a Stone to Tell It (Abbott and Lowell Forensic Mysteries #1) - Ann Vanderlaan, Jen J. Danna

This book has been buried in my wish list forever, and facing a lack of books to read I was in the mood to read, I finally bought it.  And overall, it was a great, fast paced read but I had a couple of problems with plot holes and TSTL moments.


Leigh Abbot, a Massachusetts state trooper, is assigned to investigate a bone found in a beaver dam. (No word on if the person who found it said  DAM IT! which is a shame.)  Enlisting the help of a forensic anthropologist, the gushingly described hunky and well built Matt Lowell (eye roll) who happens to be a former Marine battlefield medic, Leigh uncovers a burial ground for a serial killer.  Stalked and taunted, Leigh has to find the man responsible before she becomes the next victim.


This was a great plot, with a quick pace and a lot of twists and turns.  But, it was also a little predictable and there was a giant plot hole that a M1 Abrams could've driven through and still had room for a 747. 



When Leigh and Matt find the first grave, they post an officer overnight to keep the scene secure until they can go back the next morning.  So, the next morning they go back and startle the murderer in the act of burying his latest victim, who was able to dig a grave unnoticed because the officer posted to guard the island apparently never existed. And was  never mentioned again.  HUGE plot hole that bothered me through the whole book.


Which, of course, the plot hole had to be there because otherwise the case would've been solved before they got to the murder room. 


Which was on the property of the house the murderer lived in.  So, after sending the SWAT team home, Leigh and hunky Dr. Matt enter the scene of the murders, but not before Leigh declares it has to be done "by the book" so she must go in first.  You know, instead of calling for back up or putting on latex gloves or a crime scene suit.  You know.  By the book.

(show spoiler)

And, of course, there has to be the obligatory sexual tension between Matt & Leigh, and, of course, Matt has to have a painful secret that only Leigh can fix. And, of course, they end up making out.  All a bit predictable.


Still, this was a likeable book and I had a hard time putting it down until I finished it.  A good start to the series, and other than the plot holes, a solid story.