Mystic Mayhem - Jean Steffens, Sally J. Smith

Half a star and that's being generous.


Tried really hard to get through this and gave up.  Ordinarily, I wouldn't rate it because I did not finish, but this was a real stinker and, thus, deserves the full force of my derision. 


The N'Awlins shtick was laid on as thick as the drunken vomit on Bourbon St on Fat Tuesday..  Add to that the inane use of slang that even teenagers don't use (Roomie!  Bestie!) and it became a worse than cringe-worthy; it was like poke-my-eyes-out-worthy. 


Actual line from this book, the main character describing a character who's a cop and named (no shit) Quincy Bordeaux, "..There was helter-skelter in those beautiful peepers." Then she goes on to gush about how he's "crazy about my beautiful bestie...


JFC, I can't make that up.  Apparently I should, because people will pay $.99 for it.  Which is  $.99 more than I should've paid.  Next time I'll just throw $1 in the toilet and flush and it would be more satisfactory that reading this book.