Murder Hooks a Mermaid (A Haunted Souvenir) - Christy Fifield

Another Kindle cleanup, I read the first book in this series a year or 2 ago and started this one but set it aside for some reason.  This is a cute series and an easy read, but just okay.  In this one, you're not given any introduction at all the suspects or the victim in the book.  That always keeps me from getting "into " a book.  Without any background, I find I'm detached from the book. 


Which, now that I think about it, means that the events, the investigation and the ending are just narrated, there's nothing to engage the reader as part of the story.


So, although a good read, I'm going to rate at just 3 stars.  If this review was one of my report cards, it would read, "Not working up to potential." 


It would also say, "does not play well with others."  but that's a whole other story.