Murder Sends a Postcard (A Haunted Souvenir) - Christy Fifield

This is the 3rd Meh book in an enjoyable, but Meh series.  There was a little more development in that you actually get to meet the victim before turning up dead, but again, the suspects are not well defined.  There was also very little sleuthing done; instead, Glory again stumbles in on the bad guy and the crime is narrated to the reader rather than solved and all of this keeps me from connecting to the story.


Re-reading that, it makes the book sound horrible and it's really not.  It's actually an enjoyable, quick read.  I just wish the characters were developed more. 


Glory also needs the parrot to shit on her head every time she misses an important clue that the bird gives her. Which brings me to my next point: the postcards.  What was the point? Why were they hidden in random places in the store? No idea.


And at the end, we're treated to finding out about Jake's past, which is summed up in 5 words with no details.  But we were treated to several pages of Glory's Thursday Night Dinner cop-out.  Although the cookies (called Lunchroom Cookies in the book) are very good.  We call them Boiled Oatmeal Cookies (I've also heard them called Top Of Stove Cookies and Peanut Butter Fudge No Bake Cookies) and her recipe is a little different from mine.


So overall, a nice, light read but just meh. 


And FFS, what kind of 1950s Cabot Cove Cozy Town do these people live in?  Is there some Draconian punishment if they spend the night together after knowing  each other for a year?  I don't even need details, I just need to know you're not all prudes.