Death of an English Muffin - Victoria Hamilton

I have to admit, I am totally hooked on this series.  I really like Merry, and I love the location.  This book is the best of the series by far, there wasn't really anything I didn't like about it.


Merry Wynter gets sucked into hosting The Legion Of Horrible Ladies in her castle for six months when friend Pish's little old auntie, Lush (wtf is with the names in this family) comes to stay and brings her friends, including a mean and vicious old lady named Cleta.  Someone finishes off Cleta in the bathroom and Merry sets out to figure out who did it with the help of hunky sheriff Virgil.


This one had a really good plot, a classic locked door mystery, lots of suspects with motives & opportunity.  I felt like it rambled a little bit, though.  Like this could've been wrapped up a lot sooner than it was.  I wasn't bored, just a little...disinterested after awhile, particularly in the first third of the book, Cleta's antics got annoying after awhile.


  Also, some of the names - Pish, Lush, Cleta, Lauda - were just a tad bit over the top.  Lauda I kept reading as Latuda (which is a medication for bi-polar depression) and Cleta I kept reading as Cletus.  And seriously, Pish? All I can think of is Sean Connery having to go the bathroom.  "Excushe me, I have to take a pish..."   It distracts me from the story.  Maybe it's just me, and I realize that authors have to protect themselves from accidentally using the name of an actual person in a story, but when there are names I think are stupid in a story, it kind of turns me off.


But that's pretty much the only criticisms I have of this book.  Like I said, I'm completely hooked on this series and can't wait for the next to come out.