Aunt Bessie Goes (An Isle of Man Cozy Mystery Book 7) - Diana Xarissa

Hmmm.Struggling with how to rate this one.


Aunt Bessie accompanies Inspector Rockwell to look at houses, as he is divorcing his wife and wants to live in Laxey.  One of the houses they look at is the home of Bessie's friend from Book 5 (Aunt Bessie Enjoys) and Rockwell finds a body entombed between walls.  Soon another body turns up, and is probably related to the first body found. And so, Bessie is off to find another murderer.


On one hand, this is a fun series, and this book tied up a few loose ends from previous books.  On the other hand, this mystery wasn't solved, the murders were confessed by the killer.  I don't know if the author wrote herself into a corner or what, but it seemed like it was an easy way out and was kind of a let down.


Overall, an enjoyable book but I felt this book didn't quite measure up to the earlier books in the series.  But still a really great read.