Grave Secrets  - Kathy Reichs

Having read the first 4 books in this series, I've already consigned myself of two things; 1 - Brennen will become involved in a case that outside of her purview and 2 - she will have a TSTL moment at the end and that a handsome guy will trot in to save the day.


So, putting those 2 things aside, this plot was interesting but somewhat convoluted.  I admit that I had no idea how all the plot lines were going to come together, but they did mesh well.   The pacing was good, fast enough to keep you turning pages but not so fast that you got lost along the way. 


I objected to the whole gun control speech at the beginning; not only was it out of place but it's a tad bit hypocritical for an author to rant about gun violence in the US and then have people getting shot throughout her books.  Also, I read fiction as a way to escape reality, I don't want or need an author's politics jammed into a book and this book was chock full of the author's politics. 


Overall, not a bad read, but would've been rated much higher if not for the reasons listed above.