Pane and Suffering - Cheryl Hollon

Apparently the Suffering in Pane and Suffering refers to how one feels while reading this book.


I give it one star only becase premise was cute; MC inherits a glass shop from her dead father, and also has to teach stained glass window making classes to local noobs. MC promptly thinks the police are idiots and starts her own investigation with Fred and Velma and Scooby.


Then the cliches started (most of which I've already outlined).  Skipped a few chapters; book got even more dumb (I didn't think that was possible) and then skipped to a few chapters before the end.   Couldn't even read it all the way through.  This was seriously like a really bad Scooby Doo episode.  Not the old ones from the 70s that were corny but still really good.  No, this was like the crap they show on Cartoon Network purporting to be Scooby Doo but is just really lame.


DNF, could've been really good but it wasn't.