Death Crashes the Party - Vickie Fee

While going over event details at a client's house, Party Planner Liv comes face to face with 2 dead men. And there's more bad news, all kinds of bad things are happening, all centered around the trucking company owned by Liv's father-in-law.  Liv and her best friend Di start snooping around to solve the murder and save her family's trucking business.


Very enjoyable read; from the picturesque setting, the Southern customs, the humor sprinkled throughout to the pacing that, for the most part, kept the story moving at a good pace.  I thought the characters were realistic and likeable, but I thought there could've been a bit more character development.  There was certainly enough space in the story to allow for it.  At times, I thought it didn't feel like this was the first in a series.  At one point, I actually had to look up whether there were earlier books.  It didn't diminish my enjoyment, but I had a head-scratching moment a time or two.


I have to say, it was refreshing that the MC is happily married and loves her in laws. It has become such a cozy cliche to have your husband die or leave you destitute and you're left with his bitchy mother and so on and ugh.  None of that in here. I really enjoyed that. 


Overall, a great first in a new series and I look forward to reading more.  Thank you to Kensington Books and NetGalley for the ARC.