Life's a Witch (A Wicked Witches of the Midwest Mystery Book 7) - Amanda M. Lee

After the last book, I wasn't sure if I was going to continue with this series.  Thankfully, this book made up for the shortcomings of the last book.  Lots of Aunt Tillie's antics, a solid plot and very little of the immature antics that plagued the last book.


Bay and the rest of the Winchesters are dealing with the hated Aunt Willa returning to town and what her motives are for returning.  In the midst of dealing with Willa, a young man is found murdered, putting Bay and Landon in the middle of another investigation.


I really liked the plot in this one, lots of twists and turns and a good pace kept me turning pages until the end.  Lots of Aunt Tillie in this one, I think she's the main thing that draws me to these books.  In fact, if she had her own series, I'd leave this one far behind.  There wasn't a lot of witchy goings-on in this one, too.  I was hoping Aunt Tillie would smite someone again.


I deducted a quarter of a star because listening to Landon and Bay was just too cutesy for me.  I get it, they're in love.  You'd think they were teenagers the way they were going on about it, and the Chief's reactions were just as annoying.


Which leads me to why I deducted another quarter of a star - Landon and the Chief don't act very professional, or even like adults.  I can understand and appreciate being a little goofy at times, but this was a little over the top.


Overall, a fantastic, enjoyable read, especially if you enjoy Aunt Tillie.