Ghost Hunting: True Stories of Unexplained Phenomena from The Atlantic Paranormal Society - Grant Wilson, Jason Hawes

Not bad.  Having watched Ghost Hunters for many years, I was familiar with most of the stories as well as the behind the scenes drama. 


The stories in the book are all taken from investigations TAPS has done both on camera and on the show.  The book was apparently mostly written by Jason with a few sentences on the end from Grant. I have to say, a golden opportunity was lost to have Grant add his point of view on each case.  Instead, his remarks were pretty much, "yeah, yeah totally."  Pretty pointless.


Once the cases (and the show) got into when GH started using gadgets (like a Geiger detector? Apparently ghosts give off radiation?  Whatever.) it jumped the shark.  They went from being a team that would try to debunk paranormal activity to a team that lost their shit whenever something changed temperature on the thermal camera. 


Overall, an entertaining book but nothing that stands new information.  Would probably appeal more to kids or teenagers or people who have never watched the show.  Or really rabid fans of Ghost Hunters.