Thread and Gone (A Mainely Needlepoint Mystery) - Lea Wait

Thread and Gone is the third book in the Mainly Needlepoint series.  This is the first one I've read of the series, and there are a few references to the earlier books, but nothing that was confusing or made me feel lost. 


The setting, a small town in Maine, is quaint and cozy; who can't picture small town New England? It's an easy setting to lose yourself in, vivid and picturesque.   Likeable characters, especially the main character, Angie, are easy to relate to and realistic.   I really enjoyed the plots, both the investigation into the murder and the history and intrigue about the embroidery.  The story was paced well, although there was a lot of internal dialogue that recapped the story.  As I read the book straight through, it wasn't needed for me but I could see how it would help refresh things for people who didn't read it all at once, like I did.


The only thing that detracted from the story is that the story ended with the embroidery being found, but didn't resolve whether it was valuable. It was a loose thread (pun intended) that left the story a bit unfinished for me.  Perhaps it will be picked up in the next book.


Overall an enjoyable read and a big thanks to Kensington Books and NetGalley for the ARC.