MELODY and MURDER - Leslie Leigh

This book was a Kindle freebie and had an intriguing premise but was ultimately lost.   Usually, my most uttered phrase in reviews was that book could've been a bit shorter and it would be perfect.   Not this time.   If the author had spent more time developing the plot a bit more, it would've easily been at least a 4 or 5 star book.  As it is, most of the book was taken up with Melody's move from the big city back to her tiny hometown.  And as there was only 141 pages, that meant there was little or no attention paid to the plot, the victim or the suspects.  In fact, there were no suspects.  The murderer just randomly confessed to the deed, right in front of a news crew, no less.  The plot, what little there was, could've spanned a cozy-length mystery very easily if expanded. 

The MC seems like a cute little geek, spending her evenings at home with her mother playing her accordion.  No, really.  Melody's mother is an annoying shrew, goading her daughter to get married and have babies and trying to play matchmaker.  Really didn't add anything to the story and I was kinda hoping she'd get killed.  And really, I was a tiny bit disappointed when she didn't.


There was also no time spent proofreading, given the typos and grammatical errors.  A few typos, I can understand and forgive, but in this book, words were in the wrong place or the wrong word was used or misspelled.   Ugh.  Really bad.  It read like a 9th grader's creative writing paper.


Overall, on the low end of mediocre, but very sad that the potential to be a great book was lost.