Murder on Wheels - Lynn Cahoon

I really enjoy the Tourist Trap series, from the riveting plots to the beautiful California coast location to the quaint small town to the fun, quirky characters.  In this, the sixth book in the series, Murder On Wheels starts out by introducing the reader to the sport of Geocaching.  I've known one or two geocachers and I know how rabidly they follow it, so I identified not only with Justin's zeal for it, but also his friends' lack of enthusiasm.  The president of the geocaching club, who also plans to open a gluten free dessert food truck, is found murdered on the beach


One thing I enjoy about this series is how well the victim is integrated into the story, even if they're not a big part of the book. Murder On Wheels is no different, Kacey still manages to be so endearing that you genuinely lament when she dies. The rest of the plot, especially the manner that Kacey was killed and the plot thread concerning Kacey's husband, was interesting and not something you'd expect. 


I have to say that the plot with Jill and her BFF, Amy really didn't add much to the story.  I thought Amy came off as a shrew (I never really liked her much anyway) and I guess it says something about Jill that she'd put up with that behavior from a friend. 


Overall, a great addition to an already great series.