Murder on the Hour: A Penny Brannigan Mystery - Elizabeth J. Duncan

n Murder on the Hour, the 7th book in the Penny Brannigan series, a popular Antiques Roadshow-esque show is coming to Llanelen and after local woman Catrin brings in an old family quilt, she is found dead in her home. Meanwhile, Pennny meets one of the judges at the Antiques show and Gareth, soon retiring, begins to contemplate his life after retiring and life without Penny.

One of the biggest draws of this series is how vibrant the characters are. It's so easy to fall into a story when you feel like you're a part of the locale. And that's what this series excels at doing, along with the really great plots to sew everything together into a great cozy mystery.

The main plot, Catrin's murder, was riveting, one of those plots where you think you have a pretty good idea of what's going to happen and then suddenly it all gets blown to shreds and off you go again.

There is one line in the book that sticks with me. "When your parents are telling you about your grandparents and great-grandparents, you don't care. And then, when you're older and you do care, your parents are no longer alive to answer questions or recount family history." So, so true. I've recently begun researching my mother's side of the family and have hit a brick wall. There's no one alive who can answer the questions I have,. So sad that people never get the time to record or write down all those family stories and so many are lost.

Overall, a great read and one that I will recommend to other readers.