In going through some book lists, I ran across the DIY series by Jennie Bentley and realized that it had been quite some time since I read her books.  Checked on GR and sure enough, the last time a book was released in that series was 2013. So I poked around on the author's website and found this

Q:  Will you be writing any more DIY home renovation mysteries?

A:  Short answer: No. Long answer: Unfortunately not. I spoke to the editor and publisher about it in the fall of 2014, because I had a killer idea for book 8 – no pun intended – and the earliest they could get a book out into the world was late 2016. Not because of how long it would take me to write it – which would be a couple of months – but because of their production schedule. Late 2016 is three years after December 2013 when Home for the Homicide was released, and sadly, it was decided at that point that it was too long to wait. Readers would forget that the series existed by the time the next book was released. So the series is over. Sorry.


Seriously?  That's a shitty reason to stop writing a really good series, especially with no conclusion..  BOO!  BOOOOO!