Fogged Inn (A Maine Clambake Mystery) - Barbara Ross

Fogged Inn is the fourth book in the Maine Clambake series and winter has arrived in Maine. Julia and Chris have just opened Gus's Too,transforming Gus's diner in into a fine dining restaurant during the winter months.  Just after they finally open the restaurant, a dead man is found in the walk in cooler and  Julia is thrown into the middle of yet another mystery, this one spanning decades.


I really enjoyed this, the plot was really well done; I confess I had no idea where it was going until the end.  So many twists and turns that my head was spinning! Truly, this plot of dizzying; very well crafted and kept me turning pages well into the night.


I liked that Julia, a tiny bit high and mighty because she helped the police solve 3 other murders, got a bit of a comeuppance in the story.  Between that and the confrontation with Chris, I felt like Julia grew as a character.   The hallmark of this series has always been the rich characters, and I enjoy that more dimension is added as the series progresses. 


In that same vein, though, I don't understand this whole story line with Jaime.  I don't feel it adds anything to the series.  Perhaps it will at some point, but for now it's just filler.   


Overall, a great addition to an already great series and one I highly recommend.