And Then There Were Nuns: League of Literary Ladies - Kylie Logan

I knew I'd love this book when the opening lines concerned seeing penguins on the front porch that turned out to be nuns. And so started a new mystery for The League of Literary Ladies, full of murder, betrayal, secrets and lies. I really enjoyed the intricate plot, with so many twists and turns that it was impossible to finger the real killer.


I enjoy how Bea and the other Literary League ladies have formed such a tight bond.  Their squabbles always remind me of how sisters argue all the time but always have each other's back. I would like to see more of the ladies develop as time goes on.  They're a little more than one dimensional but are still nothing more than wallpaper.  Levi was better utilized in this book, you get a tiny bit more of a back story, but not much.  I have to say, the whole Levi story line was my least favorite part of the book.  It just seemed a little...melodramatic.  I'd like to say that Bea's reactions were out of character but it occurred to me that I really don't know if it's out of character.  The backstories really haven't been well developed.  Then it occurred to me that I liked the stories the way they are and adding in a lot of backstory would just bog the books down, so, you know what?  It's all good.


A fantastic read in a stand-out series, and the only disappointment was that the recipes for the really tasty dishes were not included at the end.   *sigh*  That super duper Special Day Hallelujah cake sounded pretty darn good.