Cloche and Dagger (A Hat Shop Mystery, #1) - Jenn McKinlay

Cloche and Dagger is the first book the Hat Shop Mystery series.  Scarlett embarasses herself publicly, becomes a viral internet star and escapes from Florida to London, England at the invitation of her cousin, Viv who co-owns a hat shop with Scarlett.  Various shenanigans occur, including a murder, several break-ins and a wonky wardrobe.


I picked this up on a whim. I've tried to read the author's other series in the past but never got into them, so I didn't have high hopes for this one.  Luckily I was wrong.  Despite the MC being in desperate need of several hard slaps to the face, and having to endure being reminded of the oh so horrific embarrassing incident every other page and that all the English characters dont sound English, and, of course, the stereotypical hunky guy at odds with the MC because of TEH SECSYOOAL TENSHUN! OMG, it still managed to be readable, and that's because the plot was very well done.  I had an inkling about a few things, but no clear idea who did it. 


Overall, I really enjoyed the book, enough to read the next in the series.