Who Killed the Ghost in the Library: A Ghost writer Mystery - Teresa McClain-Watson

Cam Shaw is a ghostwriter looking for a new gig when she gets a note requesting a meeting at an old manor outside of town.  When she gets there, she discovers her client is an actual ghost - and he wants to know who murdered him 60 years ago. 


Pretty good for the first in a new series.  The plot was top-notch; once I dived into the book, I was hooked.  While I figured out the who about halfway through the book, I stayed for the why. 


So why only a 4 star rating?  For one, the action in the book was a little far-fetched.  Lots of cars getting blown up and, one of my biggest pet peeves, the use of a silencer. (Note to all current or future authors: you cannot silence a gunshot, even if you put a pillow in front of it. Stop using this plot device in books.)   There were also too many TSTL moments and I'm sorry, no cop would let his civilian girlfriend into interrogations or into crime scenes with them.  No. Just no. Stop this, please.


Even with all that, it was still a great read and a promising start to a new series.